Video games as a way of keeping yourself fit

Playing Wii Sports (Photo by Maia Paduraru)

The 2020 brought back the trend of practicing sport with a help of the video games at home. It seems to continue in this year.  

The lockdown due to coronavirus trapped many people at home with no access to the gyms and group-sports activities. In the confinement and isolation, the saver becomes the internet which proved to be a resourceful alternative. You can choose now from wide range of activities such as online yoga class, fitness apps, dance videos or video games with exercises. 

Nintendo is the main company that produced video games as a way of physical workout. The Wii Sports leads the top selling with the 82.9% in the 2020, which is double than the other products from this manufacturer. The prices of the products reached a spike in the last year, Ring Fit had an increase of the price in the spring of 2020 and it continues to grow in January 2021.  

“I would say, it was quite effective because of how the game works. For example, the harder you try to perform a certain exercise, the better your character would also perform in the game. I think I would continue to play it because it is quite enjoyable and it also benefits my health,” says Robert Lindblom, a user of Ring Switch Fit. He got the product as a gift for his birthday.  

The internet seems to be overwhelmed with good reviews of this product. 

“I understand; because of the recent closing of many businesses and having very limited spaces at the gym, I was saddened that I couldn’t do my usual exercise, but now I definitely can and learn more about my body and how to exercise properly with form and techniques that I’ve never tried before!” wrote Samuel Bazemore in his review of Ring Switch Fit on Google.

Wii Sports and Ring Fit are one of many video games that make you put the effort to exercise offline in a fun way. Wii Sports simulates a real sport such as bowling, tennis where you have an online character(avatar), which repeats your movements. Ring Fit Adventure emerges you in online universe where you have to jog in place in order to move your avatar or to squat to attack the monsters. However, the online game does not replace the real offline sport, but it can be an alternative to it.


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