Electric Superbike Twente- ‘Hard-working, motivated people that have an affinity with new innovations’

The Electric Superbike Twente team with their latest electric motorcycle Apex-RS. Photo by Sebastiaan Bors via the Electric Superbike Twente’s official facebook page.

Working on electric motorcycles is hard work and passion for the members of Electric Superbike Twente (EST). They revealed their latest model of motorcycle: the Apex-RS in May last year and they are preparing for their first race in July this year in Finland.

EST is a student racing team that work together in order to build and design a fully electric motorcycle from scratch. Each year a brand new group of students is set to take charge and carry on the goal of showcasing the enthusiasm of their work. Their aim is to accomplish MotoGP lap times in creating a fully electric superbike by 2022.

“The first motorcycle (Liion-GP) that was build had as main focus point reliability. The second bike (Eclipse-GP) that was build was focused on power so we, as the third team, focused on a light and agile bike (Apex-RS)”, said Jan Veenhuis, the technical manager of the team.

“Using the experience of our previous motorcycles, we decided that our motor should be light and agile”, said Lars Epping, the electric motor engineer of EST.

The Apex-RS electric motorcycle. Photo: Electric Superbike Twente’s official website.

They have been working on their latest electric superbike before the pandemic started and despite not working in person after that, the team still managed to overcome this challenging period of time and finish it successfully and in time for the race.

“There is no doubt that the corona period has set us back, but we did everything we could within the space that the corona measures allowed us to”, said Epping. “Before corona, we were very used to the working rhythm at the office”.

When discussing the most demanding parts of building their bike, the team did not hold back in explaining the process as well as the ‘obstacles’ they had to overcome in order to achieve their goal. “One aspect was combining all the components together because space in the bike is limited, every part has a lot of interfaces with the other parts”, said Veenhuis.

“The most challenging part was the size of the project, and working in a multidisciplinary team. You have to build an electric motorcycle in one year from scratch, which makes that you really have to structure your team well and break down the large project into small, doable tasks”, said Epping.

There is a lot to look forward to for Electric Superbike Twente and they have already expressed their excitement for the upcoming race in July, as well as showing their utmost respect and appreciation for the team. “We had a hard year but by keep pushing the limits and going for the absolute best result, we finished our bike before the pre-set date we had originally placed”, said Veenhuis.

Source: EST’s official youtube channel.

“We are very much looking forward to the race in Finland! At the moment, we are busy preparing and optimizing the bike, so that we can race to our fullest potential”, said Epping.

Source: https://www.utoday.nl/news/68337/nieuwe-electric-superbike-

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