Brain fog: Cognitive symptoms plaguing Covid-19 ‘long haulers’ (Audio story)

Photo: Kian Seara Rey

“I’ve even heard from people in their 20s – they’ve been walking in their house and then they want lunch and open the fridge and find a cell phone in their fridge and they don’t even know how it got there.”

Brain fog. Interview with Vicky van der Togt.

For many of those that have recovered from Covid-19, long term symptoms have become a part of life. They’ve formed groups for support and call themselves long haulers. Even for those with mild cases, strange symptoms can continue for months after.

Some Covid-19 long haulers are reporting scary cognitive symptoms. Brain fog is an umbrella term for the symptoms that different illnesses can cause on your mental state. Those can include trouble concentrating, inability to focus, and memory problems.

I spoke to Vicky van der Togt, a Dutch activist fighting for stronger protections by the government against the virus. She is a long hauler herself and described her experience with brain fog.

Interview, narration, editing and music by Kian Seara Rey

Vicky van der Togt is a member of Zero Covid Alliance and the Containment Now! advocacy groups.

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