Watch: Groningen group spreads positivity around the city

A small newly established group, Positive Propaganda, is spreading messages of positivity around Groningen.

The team’s leader Arnoud Evenhuis spoke to The Lens about the initiative.

Evenhuis explained that he wanted to collaborate with local creatives to put up posters with positive messages around this student city in the north of the Netherlands. So far they’ve managed to put up over 400 posters around Groningen.

Evenhuis is motivated by three main things:

  • Energy
  • Making positive impact
  • Working together

You can support Positive Propaganda by donating to their official page here.

Positive Propaganda is an initiative of Arnoud Evenhuis in collaboration with Marloes Dekker, René Raap, Jochem Koopman. Their partners are Buena Parte, Gemeente Groningen, Zalsman Groningen Media, and Centercom.

You can follow the latest updates about the project here.

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