Júlia Tar

Júlia Tar is 22 years old and is from Hungary. She completed her BA programme, English and American Studies, in Budapest at the Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE). Her favourite part of her previous programme was studying literature. She chose to be an English major because she is enthusiastic about languages, however, becoming a journalist was a long-time dream of her as well.

In Budapest, she was writing for ELTE Online, an online newspaper of ELTE, and Pesti Bölcsész Újság (PBÚ), the newspaper of ELTE’s Faculty of Humanities. In 2019, she was an intern at Hungary Today, an English-language news portal of Hungary. The same year, she was also a participant in the Bakala Foundation’s Journalism Bootcamp which inspired her even more to pursue journalism.


My work: