Justice still not found for migrant women forcibly sterilized in ICE detention centers (Audio story)

Protest against ICE. Photo: carinny/Creative Commons

“We are calling for this facility to be shut down and for people to be freed. That’s what we’re calling for. And ultimately ICE needs to be abolished.”

Content warning: medical violence/abuse against women.

Forced hysterestomies in ICE detention. An interview with Azadeh Shahshahani.

A big news story on abuse at ICE detention centers hit the headlines in September 2020. A Georgia detention center forced at least 57 migrant women to endure medically unnecessary hysterectomies. There’s unfortunately a long history of forced sterilization in US prisons.

It’s been a few months since that news broke and not many updates have followed.

I spoke with Azadeh Shahshahani, Legal & Advocacy Director for Project South to learn more about the case and why it’s stagnated.

Interview, narration, editing and music by Kian Seara Rey

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